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Chris & Dana

Serving In:

Ghana West Africa

Chris & Dana have been serving with WorldVenture in Ghana since June of 2013.  After a successful twenty-four year career in sales Chris and Dana followed God’s leading in their lives, quit the successful job, sold the dream home, and became missionaries to Ghana.  Ghana is a sub Saharan country located in West Africa.  Ghana is made up of many diverse tribal cultures.  Its population is currently about twenty-eight million people in a geographic area the size of Georgia and Alabama combined.  There are over sixty-six different tribal languages spoken in the country but the official language is English although not widely spoken in the rural areas.  The country is divided up into regions (think of states) and Chris & Dana are working in the northern Volta Region in the village of Nkwanta (in the mountains near Togo).  They are specifically ministering to the Akyode people who are considered a least reached people group because most of them are still steeped in traditional African religion.  Their ministry is focused primarily on discipleship of the Akyode people while also engaging the other six dominant tribes in the area.  One of the ways they are doing this is through creating jobs through business.  They have started a poultry business to sell eggs in the local community and through this medium disciple their employees and make other relationships through the business to shine the light of Jesus Christ.  They host short-term teams throughout the year to allow others to experience cross-cultural missions.  Sharing the hope they have in Jesus Christ is their daily joy and mission.