On Mission Groups

You and Me Forever

by Francis Chan

Marriage Group

Leaders:  Sammy and Gretchen Clavell:

Location: Clavell’s Home (Austell)

Date/Time:  Fridays - 6:30 pm

Book cost:  $15 on on Amazon

Life Changing Prayer

by Jim Cymbala

Prayer Group – Open to Everyone

Leader: Michelle Dahl

Location: On Mission Church

Date/Time:  Sundays - 9:15am to 10:15am

Book cost:   $6 digital download on Amazon

It Starts at Home

by Kurt and Olivia Bruner

Parenting Group

Leaders:  Dan and Rebecca Young

Location: Young’s Home (Mableton)

Date/Time:  Fridays - 7pm

No Book

Women of the Word

by Jen Wilkins

Women’s Group

Leader:  Patti Jones

Location: Patti’s Home (Austell)

Date/Time:  Mondays - 6:30pm

Book cost:  $10 0n Amazon

Goliath Must Fall

by Louie Giglio

Open to Everyone

Leader:  John Clark

Location: On Mission Church

Date/Time:  Sundays - 9:15am to 10:15 am

Book cost:  $12 on Amazon

7 Rings of Marriage

by Jackie Bledsoe

Marriage Group

Leaders:  James and Elyane Ongtingco:

Location: The Ongtingco Home

Date/Time:  Fridays - 6:30pm

Book cost:  $13 on Amazon

If you wanted, you could slip in and out of On Mission Church each weekend and never really connect with our community. We believe life is not meant to be lived alone, and that life change happens not just in our services, but in homes, over coffee, around tables and through relationships.
We've designed our On Mission Groups to help our church feel more relational and provide a place to connect. When you join a Group, you have the opportunity to build lasting relationships, study God’s word, pray for one another, and apply Biblical principles to the challenges we face in daily life.

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