On Mission Groups

At On Mission Church, our passion is for you to grow in your relationship with God, and live in authentic community with others. We believe the best way to accomplish that is through our small group ministry.

We are offering two kinds of small groups:

  1. Deeper Groups
  2. Journey Groups

Deeper Groups:
Our Deeper Groups are designed as an “on ramp” to our small group ministry. These are short term groups, that study a specific topic for 8-12 weeks. These groups will help you grow deeper with God, and develop deeper relationships with others. The ultimate goal for Deeper Groups is to serve as a “bridge” for you to eventually join a long term Journey Group.

Journey Groups:
Our Journey Groups are designed for a group to “journey” together for longer than one semester. These relational groups will commit to at least one year, and will study multiple topics throughout their time together. We believe that true life change will take place with a small group over a longer period of time.

Deeper Group

Topic: TBD by Group

Leaders: Bob & Melissa Carreker

Wednesdays 7pm

Location: Carreker’s home – Mableton

Deeper Group

Study through Psalms

Leaders: Reese & Emily Vines

Tuesdays 7pm

Location: To be rotated

Deeper Group

Topic: TBD by Group

Leaders: Michael & Jennifer Barnes

Sundays 6:30pm

Location: Barnes’ home – Mableton

Deeper Group

Topic: Colossians

Leader: David Daniell

Sundays 9:15am

Location: On Mission Church

Deeper Group

Divorce Care

Leader: Patti Jones

Thursdays 6:30pm

Location: Patti’s home – Austell

Journey Group

Parents of High School Students

Leaders: Dan & Rebecca Young

Sundays 6pm

Location: Young’s home – Mableton

Journey Group

Topic: TBD by Group

Leaders: Sammy & Gretchen Clavell

Fridays 6:30pm

Location: Clavell’s home – Smyrna

Journey Group

Topic: TBD by Group

Leaders: Brandon & Brittany Remy

Tuesdays 7pm

Location: Remy’s home – Smyrna

For more information or to sign up for any of the groups, please e-mail groups@onmissionchurch.org

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