Patrick and Joy

Patrick & Joy

Serving In:

Bangkok, Thailand

Patrick and Joy are currently serving in one of South East Asia’s largest cities with The Navigators organization. Bangkok, Thailand is a city of close to 15 million people, of whom almost 99% are not followers of Jesus, nor are in relationship with anyone who is! Though known by many for its sex-trafficking and “red-light” districts, the majority of Thailand’s population, 68 million people, are NOT trafficked NOR in an at-risk situation, but they still have never heard of Jesus and His Gospel! Even after 200 years of missionary attempts, Thais are still one of the most unreached people groups in the world. Because of this, Patrick and Joy believe that God has called them to put down their “roots” long-term in Thailand and become fluent in Thai language and culture, in order that they might better be able to communicate the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom to the Buddhist people of Thailand. Their heart’s desire is to raise up and equip Thai disciples of Jesus who will go on to share the Gospel with their friends and family, see churches planted by Thai believers, and ultimately, see a Christward movement take place in Thailand!